The Ford Service Credit Card is a financing service that facilitates the maintenance of your Ford. This flexible financing option allows you to pay for repairs and maintenance and Ford parts purchased from authorized Ford dealers. Contact our professionals in Winston-Salem, NC, at Parkway Ford to learn more about the Ford Service Credit Card.Ford-Credit_ With a Ford Service Credit Card, you can transform how you service your car. To name a few uses, you can use the card to pay for maintenance, parts, tires, accessories, and extended service plans. You also benefit from lower monthly payments, discount offers, and financing options with special interest rates. You must apply for the Ford Service Credit Card. We explain the steps in detail.

Application Procedure For Your Ford Service Credit Card

  • If you want a Ford Motor Service credit card, visit the Ford Motor Company website (
  • Go to the Finance section by clicking on “Finance.”
  • You need to click the “Apply for loan” option in the finance menu during the Ford Credit Card application process.
  • Read the rules on the application page and click Start Loan Application.
  • Enter your vehicle data
  • Select the year of vehicle purchase, latest vehicle model, and trim level, and click the Next button.
  • Please provide us with your vehicle’s financial information, including financing type, application type, and deposit (optional).
  • After entering the vehicle financing details, click Next.


  • We need your personal information on the form.
  • Confirm your email address after entering your email address in the online application form.
  • Confirm your email address and click “Next.”
  • To complete your application, follow the remaining steps to apply for your Ford Service credit card for financing.

Ford Credit Card Application Requirements

You must meet the following conditions when applying for this card:

  • You will need your social security number to access this site
  • Details of your annual income in addition to your monthly payment.
  • You must be 18 years of age at the time of application, particularly in higher education.
  • This segment must contain your mother’s maiden name, and you must know her.