Financing Options

Ford Motor Credit Company is a leading financial services company serving the automotive industry. Offers financing to dealers and customers to support the sale of Ford Motor Company products worldwide, including via Lincoln Automotive Financial Services in the United States, Canada, and China. Formed in 1959, Ford Credit is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ford Motor Company.Ford-Credit_ The Ford Service Credit Card allows customers to finance services, repairs, parts, and accessories. These financing options are a convenient way to keep your Ford in top condition with fewer budget issues. This information can help prevent drivers from unnecessarily driving cars that need repairs that could be dangerous or unsafe.

Financing Options Available At Ford Service Credit

(1) Standard Purchase

You can finance a new Ford, a used Ford, or a Certified Used Ford. Ford Credit Leasing allows you to accumulate capital for your next Ford purchase and enjoy the freedom to customize your vehicle with unlimited mileage.

Build Equity With Each Payment

The payment plan can range from 12 to 84 months, so you can choose what works best for you. Your next Ford will be cheaper because you build equity with every payout.

Benefits Of Standard Purchase Financing

  • Mileage restrictions do not apply.
  • You have the right to customize your vehicle as you wish.
  • When you make payments, you build capital.

(2) Red Carpet Lease

Red Carpet Lease offers a wide range of lease terms and mileage options to suit your needs and lifestyle. You generally benefit from lower payments than mortgages of similar duration, and you can also drive a new car more often.

Benefits Of Red Carpet Lease

  • Monthly payments are low, and upfront costs are low
  • Offer flexible end-of-lease options at end-of-lease
  • You can select multiple terms
  • Gap Protection comes with a limited warranty, so the policy is free
  • It offers our customers several mileage options.